My name is Ryan. Expressing my creativity has been my passion as far I can remember. So who am I? By day, I'm a college student pursuing a B.S. in Marketing. By night, I'm a media curator - designing graphics, advertisements, as well as editing and animating videos. I've accumulated these skills and hobbies through years of self-teaching as well as academic means.


My Content

I believe my work conveys part of who I am.


My clients value my dependability to finish projects and my strong interpersonal communication skills. I love what I do and I am excited to finally share and put forth my work and experience for you to see. From info-graphics to promotional trailers, from digital art to posters, I have a passion delivering professional products in a timely and effective manner. 


My Skillset

Premiere Pro
After Effects
FL Studio

Interested in Working Together?

I'm one email away:

Contact rxldigitalmedia@gmail.com for business inquires.