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Terms of Service

The following terms of service are the standard terms of service business conducted with RXL Media. Please read through these terms carefully. If any particular issue arises from these terms, please let the Service Provider know before the project begins and we can discuss any alterations needed to move forward with your project. 


Agreement to Terms

All visitors and clients (hereinafter "You or "Your") and RXL Media ("Me", I", "The Service Provider") are subject to the terms, conditions, and notices set forth in these Terms and Conditions. You accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with all of its provisions. These terms are subject to revision by RXL Media. 


RXL Media provides brand design services, digital products, and information via website (, Instagram ( and other platforms which may be added or removed at any time. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Branded media such as social media banners, posts, thumbnails.

  • ​Digital and physical advertisement media.

  • Marketing collateral.

  • Product Design.

  • Channel Art.

  • Video Production

  • Motion Graphics

Services are to be requested by the client through available platforms in which RXL Media is present on. Upon request you will be contacted via email to further discuss the nature of your project. If your project is to be executed by RXL Media, you will receive a legally binding contract via email with similar terms of service and specifics regarding your project. The contract is binding upon  both parties' signature under the Acceptance clause of the contract. 


RXL Media reserves the right to request a 50% deposit prior to starting work on your project. If a deposit is requested an invoice will be generated and delivered to you via email and payment is expected within 14 days of invoice issue. Payment will be collected via PayPal. 

RXL Media will invoice the remaining cost of the project and associated services prior to the release of deliverables. RXL Media reserves the right to withhold delivery of completed project deliverables until payment has been received in full.



In the event that you choose to cancel the project midway prior to full completion, a refund of previous payments is not possible. If you choose to cancel the project before considerable work has been executed, and depending on the project budget, a portion of the budget may be refunded.

In the event of illness, or unforeseen circumstance in which results in project deliverables being significantly delayed or a cancelation of the project, a portion of the overall budget will be refunded.

RXL Media reserves the right to suspend any project and terminate the client relationship if the client demonstrates excessive micromanaging, lack of trust, hostility, or further request of creation of media that RXL Media personally feels uncomfortable in creating. Fair notice will be given, which may or may not include a chance to remedy the situation depending on the severity of the offense. Any suspension or termination, will not result in any refunds and all designs and media developed for the project prior to suspension or termination will remain under the full ownership of RXL Media. 

In the event that any service obligation are failed to be met by RXL Media due to an illness, an "act of God" or any uncontrollable events, impracticability, or frustration, such failure will not be deemed to be a breach of these Terms of Service or any relevant Contract provided that you are notified or previously aware of the existence and nature of the reason for the impossibility to meet service obligations. Depending on the severity of force majeure, these Terms of Service or any relevant Contracts can become nullified and a full refund will be issued of any previous payment.  



These Terms of Service do not give you the rights or permission to use/modify/alter/replicate or borrow any of the previous ideas/concepts/drafts that I present. All original preparation materials, visuals, and unused ideas shown and considered will remain under the property of RXL Media. 

RXL Media reserves the right to use any previous or unused ideas or media for future conceptual and client work. Any previous or unused ideas or media will be repurposed such that it retains sufficient difference from any finished media.

RXL Media reserves the right to display any completed project media in the portfolio section of, any associated designs, as well as any platform managed by and under the name RXL Media. Please let the Service Provider know if a
 project must be kept undisclosed for intellectual property reasons.

You are free to change, modify, and adapt the finished project media, however please do so at your own risk. 

Fonts and Typefaces
Any fonts/typefaces that are used or purchased for the completed project media are subject to commercial lice
nsing laws. Therefore, under no circumstances can RXL Media provide a "copy" or source files of any Font or Typeface used in a project. RXL Media will inform you which fonts are used in any concepts, visuals, or completed project media so that you may purchase or download these fonts to subsequently use in the future. 

Ownership, Copyright, and Trademark

All digital and physical materials, visuals, designs and digital files used to create the project media remain the property of RXL Media. Only the FINAL deliverables and project media will become your property upon the final payment of the project. 

If final payment is not received as agreed, all project media will remain the property of RXL Media until the final payment is received. If the project and client relationship is terminated due to the failure of delivery of the final payment, RXL Media reserves the right to reuse any project media for other clients, or to be displayed as concepts on the RXL Media website portfolio or other online platforms managed by RXL Media. 

If a client attempts to make any alteration or modification or attempts to steal or resell any ideas, visuals, or concepts without making the delivery of the final payment, RXL Media will take immediate legal action.

Clients assume full responsibility for ensuring that any company/product/name is legally available and will not infringe on any other registered trademark, business name, etc., before work on the project is started. No refund will be available should any legal issue arise after a project has been completed. RXL Media reserves the right to recalculate the cost of the project should a change of a design, name, etc., is required prior to the completion of the project. 


Limitation of Liability

You agree and accept that RXL Media is not legally responsible for any loss or damage incurred in relation to any services offered by the Service Provider, including the reliance on any third-party content, links, comments, or advertisements. The client will be liable for any use of media created by RXL Media. The Service Provider will perform extensive background checks to ensure originality when creating any media for your project. All work presented will strive to demonstrate originality and will not, to the best of the knowledge of the Service Provider, infringe or plagiarize any existing work. However, RXL Media assumes no legal responsibility for any loss or damage incurred related to legal issues regarding the originality or authenticity of project media. You agree to perform your own checks and due diligence regarding plagiarism and originality.

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