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EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Start Video Editing | The ULTIMATE Guide

EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Start Video Editing | The ULTIMATE Guide

If you’re looking to get into #videoediting, but not really sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! No matter what age, or what type of video you aspire to make, now is the time to take your first steps into the video editing world! In this 15 minute guide, we’ll be breaking down what programs and software video editing professionals and influencers use as well as the basics and terminology you need to know in order to start your first edit. _______________________________________________________________________ LINKS TO ALL PROGRAMS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: ✂️ Video Editors: Adobe Premiere Pro: Final Cut Pro: DaVinci Resolve Studio: Vegas Pro: Adobe Premiere Elements: iMovie: Windows Video Editor: Lightworks: ✨ Video Compositors: Adobe After Effects: Fusion Studio: HitFilm: Wax: Natron: 🔴 Video Capture Software: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS): 🧊 3D Software: Blender: Autodesk Maya: Cinema 4D: Houdini: ZBrush: 🎧 Digital Audio Workspaces (DAWs): Audacity: Adobe Audition: FL Studio: Ableton: Logic Pro: ProTools: _______________________________________________________________________ 🌐Interested in working together? Visit to learn more and for contact information. 📷 Follow me on Instagram: _______________________________________________________________________ #adobe #premierepro #aftereffects #editingvideo #videoeditor Chapters: Intro: (0:00) Video Editors: (1:06) Video Compositors: (3:29) Video Capture Software: (4:39) 3D Software: (5:18) Digital Audio Workspaces: (5:53) Sizes and Dimensions: (6:49) Frames Per Second: (9:25) Types of Video Files: (12:01) Helpful Tips: (13:09) Wrap Up: (14:40)
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